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Chimney Services: Call (336) 380-1696

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Chimney Services

Chimney Sweeping & Chimney Cap Installation

Overlooked and neglected chimneys can cause uneccesary fires and more. Let us inspect your chimney and recommend any services that you may need to protect your chimney and your home.

Chimney Sweeps.

Chimney repairs can quickly add up but if they are caught early enough a simple repair may be all that is needed.
You don’t use your chimney so there’s no need for an inspection, right? Not quite, water leaks can cause thousands of dollars in damage and in our industry we see it everyday. We hear these stories on a weekly basis. The good news is, we are here to help identify and properly repair any problem areas before the damage can occur. Photo documentation is provided, along with a detailed report on every inspection. We look forward to working with you and would love to have you join our long list of annual clients. Be sure to ask us about our annual maintenance plan and forward scheduling system.

Hiring a Chimney Sweep

The first question should be “Are you licensed and insured”. While every effort is made to ensure safety, accidents can happen. Confirm with agent if in doubt. Your safety is our number one goal.

Remember, If a company offers to clean your chimney for a very low rate something is wrong. Reputable chimney sweeps start around $145.00 for a wood burning fireplace. A company advertising tremendously low cost sweeping or free inspections should be screened thoroughly. We encourage our customers to ask questions.

Is Chimney Sweeping Messy?

A common question we often get asked “Is this process going to be dirty and create a mess in my home?” The simple answer is Absolutley not. Our experience ensures that not only will we not make a mess we are often told that the area around the fireplace or woodstove is cleaner after we leave than before we arrived. So how exactly do we do it and what can you do to be prepared? Let me explain.


  • Tarps and runners are placed throughout the work area.
  • Our high powered hepa filter vacuum system is set up and tools are brought in.
  • We sweep your chimney either from the top or bottom with specifically designed brushes that are made to fit whatever size flue you may have. The top areas of the chimney including the crown and cap are inspected at this time.
  • We remove the creosote buildup from the flue, smoke chamber, and clean off the smoke shelf area behind the damper. (Often overlooked by inexperienced sweeps)
  • The grate and firebox area is cleaned and all remaining debris and ashes are swept up and vacuumed away.
  • Hearth area is vacuumed, tarps, tools, equipment are removed leaving the area exactly the way we found it.
  • You receive a complete condition report of the chimney.
  • The only thing we ask of the customer is to please do not light a fire at least 24 hours before your scheduled appointment and to remove any breakable objects from the mantle and hearth area.

Chimney Caps.

A chimney cap helps prevent water, animals and debris from entering your chimney. Often overlooked or neglected, a chimney cap can help prevent costly repairs to the entire chimney system. We carry a wide variety of stainless steel and copper caps.